Alyse Dietel

Artist and Rock Climber. 

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by my website! My dream of being an artist, one I've had since I was little, is not possible without your generosity and support, and I very much appreciate every bit of it!

    My name is Alyse Dietel and I am a self-taught artist from San Jose, California. I have always loved to draw, but have only very recently begun to pursue a full-time career in art. I am also a rock climber and love the outdoors, and my passion for nature and wildlife has been the main source of inspiration for my paintings and illustrations. Because of rock climbing I have been to and seen many wild places that few have experienced, and in my art I try to convey the sense of awe and wonder I feel when experiencing a new landscape. The outdoors and art became linked permanently for me in September of 2012, when I fell off a cliff in a hiking accident and was consequently wheelchair-bound and told I would never walk again. For someone as active as me, this was devastating and an intensely difficult time in every way. Because hiking and climbing were out of reach I clung to art, previously only an infrequent hobby, and began developing my passion for illustration and painting with an intensity that I never had before. So although I couldn’t move my legs and the mountains were far away, I lived vicariously through illustrations of untamed wilderness and wildlife. And as much as my art allowed me to drift away from the immobilized world I was in, it also fueled a fire in me to walk among the mountains once more. Now six years after my accident I am a full-time artist, and hike and climb as often as I draw and paint.

    Finding my own illustrative style has been a lifelong journey, and most of the personal style development has happened this past year. I love working with micron illustrator pens and watercolor; occasionally watercolor by itself, and recently have begun working with oils. I have never taken a class and am entirely self-taught, so oils have been a fun and challenging that I’ve really enjoyed. I recently purchased a few extra large canvases and am very excited to begin work on some large scale paintings. I sell my work through my website and participate in local festivals and markets; but my goal is to some day have my work displayed in a gallery. I’d also like to be able to travel the world and paint in exotic and unique locations. I’ve learned a lot about the art community since launching my website last September, and I’m very excited to dive deep and become more involved with the art world and the incredibly talented and inspiring artists who reside in it. 

Thanks for the visit, have a great day!

Alyse Dietel
Instagram: @amilliontinylines

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