Basecamp Sticker (Everest Fundraiser)


Basecamp Sticker (Everest Fundraiser)

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A beautiful, high-quality 3.5"x5" waterproof sticker for you to stick on your water bottle, laptop, helmet, or whatever!

Carabiner Coffee is “a coffee company dedicated to adventure, spreading love, and sharing in an inspired life”. Built by climbers and adventurers, Carabiner is spreading the love all the way to Everest, where they are partnering with the Mt. Everest Biogas Project to solve a major issue. From “Climbers on Mount Everest take away life-changing memories, remarkable images and adventurous friends from every corner of the Earth. They also leave behind human waste, which is not currently disposed of in a safe, clean, or sustainable manner. Last year, more than 26,000 pounds of untreated human waste accumulated from climbers and their support members at Mount Everest Base Camp. The environmental impact this practice has on the fragile environment of Mount Everest and the health risks to the local population is massive.

In order to preserve this mountain’s majestic beauty, action is required to implement a long-term sustainable solution that ensures the safe disposal of this increasing environmental and human health hazard. We believe our project is the answer. 

Launched in 2010, Mount Everest Biogas Project has conceived, designed and tested an innovative solution, which will bring a wide range of environmental and economic benefits.

  • Eliminate annual dumping of 26,000 lbs. of solid human waste at the teahouse village of Gorak Shep

  • Lessen risk of water contamination by fecal coli form

  • Reduce reliance on burning wood or yak dung for heating and resultant health risks

  • Curtail deforestation of limited wood resources in the Khumbu valley

  • Create local jobs during the construction and operations of the project

  • Convert waste into a renewable natural gas fuel (methane) that will be made available to the local community for cooking and lighting”

    As a climber and adventurer myself who would one day love to visit a clean, environmentally stable Everest basecamp, this project is vitally important and beneficial, which is why I’m contributing to this amazing project by raising money using my art. All proceeds from print and sticker purchases of Basecamp will go to the biogas project. Stickers are available in the Merch section, while prints are available on both paper and canvas.

    To donate directly and for more info on the project, visit

    To learn more about Carabiner Coffee, visit, or follow them on Facebook and instagram

    If you’d like to support my art as well, please feel free to browse the site!

Thank you for shopping with me and supporting the biogas project!

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