Support My Art!

First off, thanks so much for even clicking on this page! It's simply impossible for me to create without the support of people like you, and I appreciate every penny and gesture! There are a few ways you can support me other than purchasing my art, read on below!

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Become a Patron on Patreon!

Patreon is a membership platform that helps support artists while giving their patrons access to exclusive content. You can access my patreon account for free, but only patrons receive access to time-lapse videos, tutorials, and freebies. To become a patreon and help support my art, click the button below to go to my patron page and click the big orange “become a patron” button on the right. You can choose an amount to donate each month, even as low as one dollar! When I reach ten patrons, I’m planning on releasing my first tutorial. I am super grateful to my current and future patrons, you guys make the dream a reality!



Buy me a Coffee!

When you donate via Buy me a Coffee, what you're really donating is creative space and time. When money is a concern, I can't focus on creating new pieces; instead I have to focus on seeking out commission work and marketing. But when I don't have to worry about putting food on the table, I'm free to create. Donations never go towards pleasure, they always go straight into my business; everything from the purchase of materials like brushes and canvas, to booth fees for fairs and festivals, to inventory restock so that popular items like prints and stickers can stay available. Every penny is very much appreciated and allows me to live my dreams. Thanks so much for any and all donations! 


Follow, Like, and Share!

Exposure is one of the most useful tools out there for an artist, and social media is a great medium! Because of how Instagram and Facebook work, the more likes and comments a photo has, the more it shows up in non-followers explore feeds and boom, the more followers and customers I get. So if you're following me on social media, all likes and comments help! Even if it's just to say hi! Sharing my art on your own page or in your stories is also super helpful, but please remember to tag me if you do! Thanks so much to all my social media followers, you guys make my world go round! If you're not following, check out my social media using the buttons below!