Alyse Dietel

Artist and Rock Climber. 

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by my website! My dream of being an artist, one I've had since I was little, is not possible without your generosity and support, and I very much appreciate every bit of it! Besides being an artist, I am also a rock climber. Most of my art is inspired by the wild creatures and places I've seen and traveled to while climbing. These sights touch my soul in a way nothing else does, and I attempt to translate that into my art as best I can. A few years ago I had a near-fatal hiking accident and fell 80 feet off a cliff. I shattered my pelvis and broke my spine, among other injuries. The doctors told me I wouldn't walk again, and I spent most of my year in a wheelchair learning to paint with watercolors and honing my drawing skill. After a lot of pain and hard work I am climbing again, and my art is much more inspired. My art is my opportunity to share that inspiration with others. I hope that my art brings awareness to the incredible beauty of our natural environment, and inspires the sense of awe and sacredness that our amazing Earth deserves. Thanks for the visit, have a great day!

Alyse Dietel
Instagram: @amilliontinylines

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